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Chained Sales with System


Use for B to B-Sales with high output.

VertriebsOpex® is based on sales funnel.

VertriebsOpex® has been invented as a System.

Knowledge exchange through powerful SalesWiki.

Integrating flow of information over all sales interfaces.

Cybernetical and automated working through SalesControlboard.

Sales method: Operational Excellence and your cultivated sales methods.

Aim: Not steadily more but more quality. More work life balance for Head of sales and sales team), more yield, more customer satisfaction, more innovation.

VertriebsOpex® starts as a change in mind, then attidude upt to a consequent und stringent "better".

VertriebsOpex® is also availabel as CRM-sales software: CRM-VO.

Backbone against fear for turnover just in worse boom times.

Gene: Consequent improvement of the hole sales team.

VertriebsOpex is invented by DENKHAUS®.

Download: booklet VertriebsOpex®

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